by Fer Orpinell

Discover Your Path to Emotional Intelligence, Life Purpose and Financial Freedom.

“ I am Fer Orpinell, Lifestyle Coach.

With my Method based on Hypnosis, Yoga Nidra, and Breathwork, I can help you calm your mind, listen to your body, and change your life."

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4Wisdom Method

Self-sabotaging behaviors holding you back from your best self?

Feeling emotionally or financially blocked?

Trapped in scarcity and anxiety?

My unique method, based on neuroscience and ancient traditions, helps you unblock, dissolve resistance, and reach your full potential.

Rooted in yoga and enhanced by hypnotherapy, these practices offer safe, practical exercises with immediate results.

Regulate your nervous system, embrace somatic release, and rewire your psyche.

No experience in hypnosis, yoga, or psychological therapies is necessary; these practices are accessible to everyone. 


Access your subconscious mind and rewire your neural pathways

Yoga Nidra

Achieve deep relaxation and reduce brain wave activity


Balance your nervous system and stimulate your vagus nerve


1:1 Sessions

Do you feel overwhelmed by apathy and laziness?

Can't find the moment to start prioritizing yourself?

Do you feel trapped in a loop of negative emotions and behaviors?

Hypnotherapy is the most effective technique to help you reprogram your mind and reach your goals.

I guide you in your personal development process. Willpower and discipline are also a practice.

Access a comprehensive body-mind solution. Embrace a life driven by purpose and creativity.


Science & Practice

Tools of the Process

Pranayama & Breathwork
Subliminal Audio Recordings
Journaling Exercises
Yoga Nidra & Sankalpa




"Fer and his method are perfect for building an incredible daily routine, always tailored to the specific needs.

Thanks to his assistance, I have experienced significant improvement in my body's health and in my life’s golas in just a few weeks."

Federica Sandretti


Live Events

Join our beautiful journey of introspection through Pranayama, Yin Yoga,Yoga Nidra, Soundscapes, and Sankalpa Journaling. Define your goals, set intentions, and tune into your senses using ancient healing techniques on the Dharma path.

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" Discover How to Listen to Your Body: Transform Your Thoughts and Emotions, Understand Your True Needs, and Live a Life of Purpose. Start Your Journey Today. “

Fer Orpinell

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